Phipps Philms is comprised of three Phipps brothers, each sharing the desire to tell meaningful stories through the medium of film.

Together, the three of us started our filmmaking journey as a fun hobby in our early teen years. Over the years, we have studied the art of filmmaking and applied it to our videos. What started as simple shoot ’em up videos on a home video camera has turned into action films, illustrational videos, commercial ads, promotional and educational videos, weddings, and a variety of other film projects. With each new video we produce, we aim to raise the bar when it comes to quality and substance.

Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” As godly men, we draw our strength from Christ, and we seek to communicate that in each film. Without God’s strength, we are weak vessels, unfit to do His work. But in His strength, and that alone, we can serve God and share His Gospel through exciting action-packed films.

Phipps Philms is built on conservative Christian morals and we value freedom and liberty, which is why we are thankful to reside in the great state of Texas. God bless America, and God bless Texas!

As men, we are naturally drawn towards stories of adventure and over the-top-action, but so many mainstream action movies are filled with senseless violence, immoral filth, unprecedented amounts of swearing, and often communicate perverse messages. Sadly, the Christian movie market is weak in issuing a challenge to reclaim the hearts of men in the action and adventure department. Our goal is to create intense, action-packed, adventure movies while holding close our values of faith, family and freedom.

We desire to tell powerful stories infused with honor, truth and dignity.
We are here to reclaim godly boldness by telling thrilling stories without compromising our values.
We are Phipps Philms.

Who Are We?

About UsGrant Phipps

Grant is the executive producer for our films, in addition to acting and managing practical effects. He also serves as the weapons specialist during production.


About UsCaleb and Abbey Phipps

Caleb is the producer, director, writer, and editor on our film projects. He also acts, coordinates stunts, and handles the behind-the-scenes aspects of sound and foley design. His wife, Abbey, is also a part of Phipps Philms, serving as the administrative director and social media manager.

About UsAnthony Phipps

Anthony is the writer, executive producer, lead actor, and pyrotechnician for our films. In addition, he works with Caleb on foley design.